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About Dayoung Kim (nonie)

She is one of the most influential travel expert and blogger, writer, public speaker in Seoul, Korea. After leaving AB-ROAD Magazine as a professional travel journalist, she moved to luxury-independent travel blogger who share her expertise to the nationwide since 10 years with her PR career in Tech companies.

Unique Insights about Korean Travelers 

With her nationally published book <Guide for Smart Travelling>, Her contents always has been focusing on enriching the travel sensibilities of modern Korean travelers. It’s a unique blend of entrepreneurship coupled with travel and lifestyle ideas, not just a destination guide. Through her blog and own e-book publishing company called Hitchhickr.com, she covers a wide spectrum of thoughts that highlight the aspect of latest trends in millennial travelers in Korea.

One and only travel speaker in Korea

Now she's regularly lecturing her selected travel destinations in 13 different luxury department stores, and over 50 big corporations and government offices for employee's vacation coaching, and private consulting for VIPs in entire South Korea. 

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Working together?

With partners from all over the world, I make creative travel contents such as tastings at restaurants, sleepovers at hotels, creation of city guides, Writing Advertorials, Test-trip Reviewing. If you want to introduce your brands or business to the Korean visitors, or search for travel blogger in Korea, Please don't hesitate to ask me. Thank you!

Contact me

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