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About Me 

Hello!! My name is Dayoung Kim, also known as Nonie. I was born and raised in Seoul, which is one of the most exciting city of Asia. I work as a creative writing lecturer, Author of Hitchhickr (travel guide series) and Top travel blogger of Korea. Now I'm working with great hotels and many tourism companies who want to promote their business to Korean market.

After graduating from Seoul City University, I got into the IT ventures and learn how to make a online contents and marketing/PR. To make my own publishing service, I gained ground at the one of the biggest book publishing Company. At the same time, I started to review my travel experiences from all over the world since 2007. As my travel blog became popular in online, I had dramatic careers so that I turned from an ordinary office worker to an influential travel writer now. 

I officially published my own book, 'Guide for smart traveling' in 2013. In addition, I have a lecture on travel related issues in a VIP Academy class provided by the most luxury department store, Shinsegae(新世界) & LOTTE in South Korea.  

I really love to seek great Gourmets, hidden gems, Art and Design places around my village. Also I just started a Youtube channel for introducing more travel stories.   

TBS Radio Interview (English) : http://nonie.tistory.com/1258

Linkedin Profile http://kr.linkedin.com/pub/dayoung-kim/38/ba/935

Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/nonie21 

i won a global competition run by MTV Australia and Destination in 2013.


About Blog

My blog, which started off as a hobby which quickly made me famous in the local blogging scene with my influential opinions on travel spots. Actually my previous job was the editor of monthly travel magazine called AB-ROAD, so I could professionally report my contents to the local industry and media. If you looking for a effective Korean media or travel blog for introducing your hotels or service, I can be your great partner. In Korea, 69% people decides their travel destination or hotels by Blog. 

- Awarded “power blogger” in 5 years (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014) as 'Best Travel Blogger'

- Registered as “recommended blog for travel” on Naver.com(No.1 Portal site in korea), Flipboard, which is the biggest app on iPad/iPhone

- Average blog traffic of 9,000 to 10,000 visitors a day

- Won a global competition run by MTV Australia and Destination NSW see the article

- Ranked Top 3 as a Most Referring sites to Airbnb.co.kr in Jan, 2015  


For the press, I've been invited to various international media events such as 'Men's fashion week 2011'(Singapore), Movie VIP Premiere 'Salt'(Hollywood, L.A), and many more.

I've also worked with renowned companies such as Agoda, Ctrip(No.1 OTA in China), Samsung Card, Visa Card, MTV Asia, Airbnb, Guam/Australia/Canada Tourism Boards, etc.

My blog links has delivered various SNS channels include Naver Opencast, which has over 6,000 subscribers. According to my subscriber's information, they are 73% women, 20's(40%) 30's(34%) age. They are really interested in Shopping, Hotels, Gourmets, Travel.   

Working together?

With partners from all over the world, I make creative travel contents such as tastings at restaurants, sleepovers at hotels, creation of city guides, Writing Advertorials, Test-trip Reviewing. If you want to introduce your brands or business to the Korean visitors, or search for the most influential travel blogger in Korea, Please don't hesitate to ask me. Thank you!

Contact me

For business inquiries, Just Click Here.

Twitter @nonie21 

Instagram @nonie21


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