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공지사항 | 2012.02.26 16:23

About blog

My name is Dayoung Kim, also known as nonie. I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea.
I've been regularly reviewing my travel experience for all around the world since 2007.

My blog, which started off as a hobby quickly made me famous in the local blogging scene 
for my influential opinions on travel spots. Actually my previous job was a editor in monthly travel 
magazine called AB-ROAD, so I could professionally report my contents to the local industry and media.
This blog won the Best travel blog at the Tistory Blog Awards for 2009 ~ 2012.

As the press, I've been covering the various international media event, especially  'Men's fashion week 2011'(Singapore), Movie VIP Premiere 'Salt'(Hollywood, L.A), and many more experiences.
I've also worked with renowned companies such as Agoda(Online Hotel Service), KLM Airline, Samsung Card, MTV Asia, Resort World Manila, Guam/Japan/Australia Tourism Boards, etc.

About me

I recently had a dramatic career turn from an ordinary office worker to an influential travel writer.  
I'm the publisher of the very first E-book travel guide in Korea, called "Hitchhickr" 
and also the author of the book called "스마트한 여행의 조건(Guide for smart traveling)".
Hitchhickr series are stylish travel guides for iPad, packed with fancy and fresh information about 
trendy cafes and hotels, and shops of selected cities for the sophisticated travelers.
"Vol.1 - Singapore" is now officially released in the Apple ibooks store.

I'm always in search of new and promising cultural experiences. I spend my leisure time finding
remarkable restaurants and cafes. Musical experience is always important to me. I've learned 
classic piano since I was 4 year old. Here's my performance.:)

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